Wedding: Alyssa + Rich | The Glen Island Harbour Club, New Rochelle, NY

Alyssa has such a great smile.  It just lights up her whole face and makes you want to smile too :).  Look at their photos and you'll see what I mean.  That smile was the perfect fit for their wonderful wedding day a few weeks ago - Alyssa and Rich celebrated with all their friends and family at the Glen Island Harbour Club and had plenty to smile about all day!  Enjoy the preview guys and Happy Friday!

A98A0220 IMG_9035 A98A0426 A98A0479

First, mom... A98A0486

And then dad :) A98A0503 A98A0558 IMG_9379 A98A0927 A98A0803 IMG_9562

Love love love these. A98A1033
 favorite. IMG_9777 A98A1336 A98A1803 A98A2359 A98A2042 A98A2087 A98A1877 A98A1820 A98A1841 A98A2100 A98A1981 A98A1713 IMG_0079 A98A2535 A98A3646 A98A2511 A98A2679 A98A2390

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