Monday Updates!

Hey everyone!  Hope you all are excited for your short work week :).  We are excited for all sorts of reasons today - for one, the holidays have begun!  Such a fun time of year.  Secondly, we shot our last wedding of the season this past Saturday!  Wow.  We had such a busy, fun and crazy year of weddings and we ended it with the awesomeness that was Halyn and Stephen's wedding in NYC.  I have not blogged all of those weddings yet, so expect a lot more posts with wedding goodness in the next few weeks.  The third reason to be excited today is that we are announcing the Uplift Party!  Oh yeah.  Lots of fun last year and we are doing it again.  Email me if you want some details!

The rest of my post today is going to be a bit shorter than normal, only because the stack of editing on my desk is piled sky-high and I need to get it done and clear my mind :).  But, I definitely want to leave you with a few teasers and things.

Check out the view from the Trump Soho - this is from the room where Halyn was getting ready. The best city.

And, two of my favorites from Halyn + Stephen's wedding day. I know they are both kissing photos :), but I had to post them - they are just so classic modern and so New York. I couldn't choose between them. Tim is responsible for the 2nd one. Not bad, huh? :)

Love love love this photo from Caitlin and Matthew's engagement shoot last week.  I love it so much, I almost want to put it on my own wall.

And check out this one too!  They rocked out a bit of cold weather for this.  I have the best clients ever.

We took Soph to the Stamford Thanksgiving Day parade yesterday and she wanted to wear her sunglasses...I think she looks like a rockstar.

Quick favor to ask - I'm guessing a lot of you guys are getting your holiday cards together.  If you are using one of the photos we have taken, and have an extra, or just want to send me one :), I would love it! I want to do a post in the new year showing different holiday card variations and would love to showcase some of yours!

And...a few things I found interesting this week:
  • Love this poster (proceeds benefit hurricane victims)
  • Have you seen these holiday gift guides from Creature Comforts?  They are awesome. 
  • I forget where I saw this link, but it is hysterical.  Definitely worth a minute or two.
  • This is in my slow cooker right now.  Do you think it could actually taste like the real thing?  We'll see.
  • I need to make this for Sophie.  I'll let you know how it goes.
  • Some good looking holiday cocktail tips.  I'll be using these for the party!
  • Anyone use this for keeping up with their address book?
Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

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