Wedding: Brittany + Aaron | Essex Yacht Club, Essex, CT

The day before Thanksgiving - always a great day.  Tomorrow is a flurry of eating, family, friends, baking, games, and one of my favorite days of the year, but today. Today is often overlooked, but it is the perfect day to actually think about how your year has been and about where you might want to give thanks.  For us, we are beyond thankful for everything we have, including our family, our daughter and our home, but we are also extremely thankful for all of you. I always say that we have the best clients and every wedding just reaffirms that for me.  I don't always know how all of you find us, but I'm so happy that whatever vibes we are putting out are coming back with all of you!  We absolutely love what we do and we are thankful for you.  All of you!  Please enjoy your day tomorrow everyone!

Now, after that little, I am posting some photos from Brittany and Aaron's wedding at the Essex Yacht Club.  I love these two.  We had such a great day with them and the photos are just some of my all-time favorites.  They both have wonderful families and we couldn't have been happier to photograph their day.  Plus, it was such a fun day too!  Enjoy this sneak peek guys and we hope you have a great first married Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Venue: Essex Yacht Club
Dress: White Dress by the Shore
Beauty: Jennie Fresa, Jennie Fresa Makeup and Skincare Boutiquerie

IMG_1289 A98A3703 A98A3752

Love it. IMG_1789

It is amazing to have a photo like this. A98A3955 A98A4510

This is a special veil. It has been in Brittany's family forever and has been worn by at least 15 brides in her family. Pretty amazing. A98A4845 A98A4755
Love this moment. A98A5104 A98A5317 A98A5424 A98A5457
They have a crowd! A98A5475 A98A5518
A98A5564 A98A5867 A98A6839 A98A5948 A98A6190 A98A6236 A98A6148 A98A6800 A98A6854 A98A6920 A98A6335 A98A6884 A98A7026 A98A7050 A98A7043 A98A7080 A98A7593 A98A7531

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