Wedding: Holly + John | Robibero Family Vineyards, New Paltz, NY

When you become our client, we ask you to fill out a small information sheet - you know, I like to know the details.  Your address, your last name, your favorite foods - just the basics :).  There is also a space for you to let me know how you found that space, Holly wrote, "we go way back." And...we definitely do!  Holly is a seamstress and fashion designer and she altered my wedding dress back in 2007. I was secretly hoping that I would be able to photograph her wedding and I was so, so excited when she contacted me to tell me she had found the right guy, John! It is always an honor to photograph a wedding, but to photograph someone that works in the industry and who was part of my wedding day is just a bonus. 

Plus, I mean, this wedding has us written all over it! Cute, fun couple, check.  Vineyard, check (the wonderful Robibero Family Vineyards). Handmade dress and bouquet, check. Amazing list of vendors, check (including two of my favorites, Lola's Cafe and Catering, and Flowers by David Anthony). Beautiful fall day, check.  Bonfire and lanterns, check, check, check.  

Holly and John - it was an absolute honor to photograph your day - I hope that it was as perfect as you imagined and that these photos remind you of all the memories.  Thank you for having us!!


I would just like to say - how much do you love these two photos?!!  The similar reactions totally get me. I know that some people are hesitant to do a first look because they think it takes something away from the ceremony, but it is just so nice to have a few private moments to be however you want to be.  And if you scroll further down, you'll see the first ceremony photos - it takes nothing away because the ceremony is just so special all by itself :). A98A0208
A98A0433 A98A0244 A98A1088 A98A0520 A98A1151
Holly designed and made her bouquet and wedding dress!  Amazing.
A98A1205 A98A1899 A98A0376
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I had to post this - just the coolest thing!  Love Lola's! A98A1913 A98A2229 A98A1837 A98A2054 A98A2089_small A98A0969 IMG_4324 A98A2717 A98A2797 A98A2863


  1. Oh My!!! Everything looks so amazing!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Now I can't wait to see the rest!! Have a great to work!

  2. Perfect pictures, everything in this wedding looks perfect, one word to describe all of this, perfection!