Monday Updates!

Hey everyone!  How are you?  I missed you guys last week.  Today, I thought I would do a 'what-we-are-up-to' post - I'm feeling a little insane, the holidays do that to you, or, at least to me :), and the last few weeks have been busy busy, so I'm going to download my mind into this post right now, if thats ok.  I'm pretty sure that is the longest sentence ever written on this blog.

Did you guys like Wedding Week?  If you missed it, here is a recap:
weddingweek_small Mon: Holly + John's Robibero Vineyards wedding
Tues: Danielle + Brien's wedding at Locust Grove
Wed: Laren + Adam's home wedding
Thurs: Nadia + Tom's wedding at the Falkirk Estates
Fri/Sat: Jenna + Kevin's Patriot Hills wedding

So, the 2013 Holiday Party is this Saturday!!! If you haven't heard yet, email me for details.  Lots of fun and food and drinks.  :).

Tim's birthday was yesterday!  I planned a fun-filled weekend that included me singing Crazy by Aerosmith here, and yes, the song sounded as awful as you might think.  All for the birthday boy! I made him a red velvet cake that was amazing (using this recipe!), but didn't take many good pics (ps. I love to cook and bake, if you are interested, you can see some more baked goods here).  We were too busy devouring it, it was perfect.  I did make Tim a homemade birthday card by printing out this...:), I just couldn't find anything appropriate at Hallmark!
RandomScience1 photo2

We chopped down a tree! Did you know that Tim was a lumberjack in his former life?  Did you know that a female lumberjack is a lumberjane?  Urban Dictionary really is up on their stuff. A98A6482 A98A6450

I have edited over 100K photos in the last few days!!!  Insanity.  The holidays are always like that over here - more to do, trying to square everyone away before the new year.  Whew. 

And, lots of albums are rolling through too!  I have a full post coming soon on that (post-holidays), but I love these.

and, ps, if you are looking for some gift ideas, I just found this awesome gift guide - tons of great shops and unique ideas - check it out!

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