Wedding: Amanda + Jon | Glen Island Harbour Club, New Rochelle, NY

Amanda and Jon are so relaxed and I just love that.  We had the best day with them.  Kinda chilly, no problem.  Few hurricane-related issues, not a big deal?  Weird sweet sixteen-esque bridal parties walking around the park, let's laugh!  Go with the flow, sarcastic and in love is the perfect combination (and perfect for us!).  Amanda and Jon - you guys are great!  I hope you had a wonderful wedding day - we were so honored to spend it with you.  Please enjoy a bunch of my favorites and a full gallery coming very soon!

[I made a small animated gif below that might take a few seconds to load, depending on your internet speed - its so cute, you should definitely wait for it!]

A98A8062 A98A8044 A98A8003 A98A8090 Untitled-1 A98A8848 A98A8834 A98A8668 A98A8614 A98A9035

A heartbreaker! A98A9192 A98A8547 A98A8286 A98A8265 A98A8479 A98A8527 A98A8422 A98A8227 A98A8197 A98A9687 IMG_3813 A98A9918
A98A9975 A98A0135 A98A0208 A98A0244 A98A0427 A98A0356 A98A9326 A98A1492 A98A0629
My favorite! A98A0757

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