Monday Updates, sort-of :)

Hey you guys!!!  Things are finally getting back to normal!  Today will be a little weird because I'm not going to do a full Monday update, sorry :(.  I know you were excited.  I'm still finishing up work from 2012 and want to get that all done before I start revealing all that is happening.  We have awards to talk about, trips, engagement sessions, Sophie (of course!), the holiday wrap-up, best-of posts, etc.  Lots and lots.  I also have been cooking up a storm and want to give you the thumbs up/down on a bunch of pinterest recipes!

But, for today.  This is what I'm leaving you with...have you been checking out the gorgeous sunsets lately?  These are taken from my deck or kitchen window with the iphone and then put through instagram (you can follow our public feed if you like - @upliftphotography).

So, back this week with lots more!  Hope you all are having a wonderful start to 2013! 

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