Wedding: Danielle + Chris | Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, Bimini, Bahamas

Ok, I'm not exactly sure where to start or end this post, because sometimes there are just not the right words to describe a place without seeing it with your own eyes.  Bimini is a magically untouched place, brimming with local, authentic life and nothing artificial to be found - it is a perfect place for a fun, island affair and definitely makes the perfect post for a Friday! 

The islands are gorgeous, the weather perfect and the atmosphere is insanely laid-back.  We had an absolutely wonderful time traveling to Bimini to photograph Chris and Danielle's wedding and I'm so excited to post these images for them today.  There are not many weddings where you spend the beginning of the day fishing or sunbathing or really relaxing, so, if that sounds good to you, definitely get married on an island!  And, take us with you :)! 

Happy Friday all!

(I would just like to throw in a big thanks to Clayton at the Bimini Sands Resort & Marina - he did a great job with the wedding details and helping everyone and everything be where it needed to be! Definitely drop him a line if you are trying to plan a wedding on Bimini!  Also, I will be posting more of my personal photos from the trip, but if interested, you can obviously read more about Bimini here and support their campaign to protect and preserve the surrounding ocean and marine life here and here.  )

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Dancing down the aisle! Smith0688 Smith0285 Smith0287 Smith0315 Smith0342 Smith0355 Smith0331 Smith0778 A98A6885_small Smith0813 Smith0811 Smith0824 A98A7127_small
:) Smith0925 Smith0958a Smith0819

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