A sad day.

Good morning all,

I just wanted to stop by today to apologize for not being around this week and for slacking in the email department.  I don't usually post too many sad things on this blog, because it is such a happy place for me, and usually I use it for happy photos and ideas :), but today, I wanted to post a few photographs of my grandmother.  She has been fighting for her life in the hospital all week and passed away this morning.  To say that she was full of character and humor would be an understatement (she was a character)!   I'm so happy that Sophie got to know her great-grandma a bit and to me, photographs transcend everything, so I thought I would post just a few in her honor here today.

Things will be back to normal next week, so thank you guys so much for having patience with me through this crazy family time.  Have a great, sun-filled weekend everyone :).

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