Wedding: Katy + Chris | The Bronx Zoo, Bronx, New York

The Bronx Zoo is just a special place to get married - it is an oasis within a crazy, busy super city - just a little spot where after it closes for the day, becomes this calm, beautiful place where you sometimes see exotic birds walking around and seals sleeping through cocktail hour :).  It is whimsical and historic, with gorgeous stone structures and beautiful landscaping - and while the animals are really fun too, I really just like the feeling of being there and can't seem to find a bad view in any direction! 

Katy and Chris had a really fun day - from Chris and the guys hitting up Yankee stadium on the way to the Zoo, to the four of us trying to get a giraffe to come closer for a photo (they refused!), and the monkeys eyeing Katy and Chris in the Congo, the day was great and we were happy to be there to document it all!   Enjoy a few of my favorites and congratulations again to Katy and Chris!

IMG_1383 IMG_1286
Love these first look photos!
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  1. These photos tell a beautiful love story. Your images are so artistic and natural!