Wedding: Christina + Rob | Delamar Hotel, Greenwich, CT

I don't post on Saturdays often, but today just seemed like the perfect day to post some of Christina and Rob's wedding photos - the sun is finally out and they are two of the happiest people I have ever photographed!  Christina and Rob made my day with their smiling faces and it shows in their photos. Love it, love it, love it.

It rained (just a little :), on their wedding day but they didn't let it get to them - Christina navigated the puddles with style and a little help from us and we were good to go.  The sun did what I told it to and peeked out just for a few minutes later in the afternoon and we were able to get some shots outside at the beautiful Delamar Hotel. Just a perfect day all around and we were honored to spend it with them.  Enjoy the beautiful day everyone!

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last photo, shot in almost complete darkness and perfect.

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