Wedding: Katie + Mike | The Wilshire Grand Hotel, West Orange, New Jersey

Katie and Mike are awesome.  They are super nice, go-with-the-flow, happy, and funny.  You knew it was going to be a great day when you saw them smiling at each other.  You just knew it.  I really think their photos match their personality and we were so happy to photograph them as the excitement just came pouring out on its own :).  We hope you had a wonderful trip guys and enjoy a few of our favorites!!

A98A1987 A98A1924 A98A2032 A98A2132 A98A2199 IMG_6947
My view! A98A2500
And love Tim's view! Lots of admirers :) IMG_7130 A98A3301 A98A3566
Pretty smiles ladies! A98A3516 A98A3476
A98A3599 A98A2866a A98A3618 A98A3695 A98A3630 A98A3783 IMG_7627 A98A3835 A98A4162 A98A5028 A98A4605

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