Wedding: Kristina + Patrick | The Grandview, Poughkeepsie, New York

This definitely was a fun day, I could describe it, or you could just look at the photographs :).  Its not that often that you get an entire bridal party on a swingset!  Shooting at the Grandview is always so nice - we love the docks, the proximity to the park, the staff, the balcony, the river...and Kristina & Pat were the perfect couple to shoot there.  We dodged the rain, hit the sun and all was lovely.  Thanks for a great day guys - as always, we are honored that you asked us to join you to document it all and I'm psyched for you to check out the preview below!

Happy weekend everyone!

A98A4013 IMG_6506

These happened at about the same time, in two different locations :) A98A4190 IMG_6361a A98A4227

This photograph is just perfect. A98A4793a A98A4528
IMG_6932 IMG_6872 A98A4822 A98A4921 A98A4552a IMG_7492 IMG_6559 A98A5702 A98A5760 A98A5889 A98A6208 A98A6163 A98A6380 A98A6350 A98A6368 A98A6442 A98A6468 A98A6913 A98A9006 A98A7657

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