Wedding: Kelly + Tom | Bear Mountain Inn, Hudson Valley, New York

It is so nice outside today, I had to post some wedding photos!  Nice weather makes me happy and wedding photos always make me happy, so it was a natural match for today.  I loved shooting Kelly & Tom's engagement session a few months back, and you must know, I was so hoping (ok, dying) to grab a shot of Kelly on that swing again.  Don't my brides rock?  First of all, she called the owner of the property and asked permission to shoot there again, then(!) she walked through the grass, by herself, and sat on the swing (before the ceremony!!) because I think she knew it would be worth it.  And, obviously, because Kelly is awesome.  And, it totally was worth it. When is the next time she will get to go on a swing in her wedding dress?

Anyway, we had a great day with these guys at Bear Mountain - such a great spot as always!  Thank you guys for having us, we had a blast and hope that you love your preview!

A98A7888 IMG_3903 A98A8398 
Love this perspective. IMG_4458 IMG_4467 A98A8667 A98A8674
A98A8717 A98A8760 A98A8986 A98A9694 A98A9485 A98A9440

This one is just so cute. A98A9887 IMG_5409 A98A9863
A98A0011x IMG_5213 A98A0205 A98A0121 A98A1081 A98A0697 
Love both of these. A98A1676 A98A0081

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