Wedding: Caite + Steven | Catskill Point, New York

When I shot Caite & Steven's engagement session in the freezing cold weather and they took their jackets off, I knew. When they jumped on the carousel like it was no big thing (and went around a few more times then normal), I knew again.  And, when I showed up on their wedding day, I definitely already knew what kind of day I was in for - how could you not know?!  Just look at them - they love each other so much and I knew that was going to fill their day to the brim.  Add all that to a gorgeous (new-to-us) venue (Catskill Point) that I'm currently in love with (atmosphere for days!!), and you have the makings of a wonderful day.  That is exactly what it was.

We wish nothing but love, love and happiness for you guys - thank you for being great (and for the little baby gift!! I love it!) and we are so excited to show you some of our favorites from the day.


Double thumbs in the mirror!! Love it. IMG_6311 A98A9849 A98A0755
A98A9752 IMG_6168 A98A0045

Such a good first look. A98A0096 A98A0263
A98A2608 A98A0173
A98A0295 A98A0393 A98A0496 A98A0518 A98A0798 A98A0973 A98A1209 A98A1936

In love with this series...A98A1989 A98A2082
A98A2137 A98A1725 A98A2386 A98A2328 A98A2461IMG_6662A98A2661 A98A2956 A98A2783 A98A4003 A98A3204

Amazing cake!!
A98A2932 A98A4255

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