Wedding: Traci + Sean | FEAST @ Round Hill, Washingtonville, New York

Traci and Sean are just plain awesome.  We could definitely hang out with them :).  Their wedding was great, they are great, and the day couldn't have gone better.  I got to Round Hill that morning, and it just felt like fall had arrived with me - the day was a little less sunny than the weeks before, but that cozy, fall air settled in for their day, the leaves were bright as can be, and all the details fit in perfectly (ps. the gorgeous florals were by Flowers by Jo-Ann).

I have a lot of favorites today, so have fun looking through guys!

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I am just loving our first looks lately. A98A4534 IMG_8862 A98A6727 A98A4653 IMG_9207 A98A4772 A98A4607 A98A5588 A98A5263 IMG_9315 A98A6825 A98A5876 A98A6471 A98A6113 A98A6136 A98A6152 IMG_0018 IMG_8858
A98A6407 A98A6928 A98A6771a

Loving this moment before the first dance. A98A7077 A98A6676 A98A7398
A98A7485 A98A7948 A98A7821

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