Wedding: Jen + Sal | FEAST @ Round Hill, Washingtonville, New York

Photographing a wedding at FEAST is almost like photographing a wedding at our house!  We have worked there a bunch of times through the years, have become well-acquainted with the staff and always have such a good time.  The grounds and the house are just perfect for photographs, no matter the weather (we've been there in summer, spring, fall, and even with some snow on the ground!), there are so many little nooks and crannies to sneak into, you just can't go wrong.   Jen and Sal's wedding day was no different!  We finally had a day where it wasn't snowing and they even got a little sunshine!  These guys are fun and funny and were so ready to get the day going.  We had a blast with them and I'm so excited to show some of their photos today.  Enjoy and have a great day everyone!!

I have to start with this photograph because I just love it. Perfect shot Tim! IMG_6332 A98A9282 A98A9418
A98A9560 A98A9382 A98A9833 A98A9961 A98A9630 A98A9726 A98A9882 
This might be my favorite - so happy!! A98A0059 IMG_7017 A98A0343 IMG_6939

Here is the reason that I love shooting with Tim as a team - here is my view:  A98A1049

and his view of the same moment... IMG_7334 A98A0902 A98A1113
A98A1160 A98A1385 A98A1332 A98A1570 A98A1784 A98A1904 A98A1681

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