Engagement: Michelle + Mike | The Esplanade + Fenway Park, Boston, MA

I'm not sure how many of you guys know, but Tim and I both went to Boston University.  We love, love Boston.  That is where we met, went to school, started dating, go to get away - there is not much to not love about Boston.  So, when clients are wanting to get their photos taken there, we are always up for it.  Michelle and I planned out a good time to do the shoot - with a 2-day window, just in case of bad weather.  Well, good thing.  It rained almost the entire time we were up there!  I'm picturing beautiful Boston flowers and trees and spring, and the weekend was picturing rain boots, wet sidewalks and umbrellas!  But, I'm happy to report that using Dark Sky and my keen powers of weather prediction, we made it through 90% of our shoot without actually getting rained on!  Nice!  Michelle and Mike were total champs when we made it to Fenway and the rain started to come down - as always, my clients rock.  Can't wait until these two getting married in CT next year!

DiBenedetto0060 DiBenedetto0007 DiBenedetto0050
DiBenedetto0046a DiBenedetto0011 DiBenedetto0036 DiBenedetto0015 DiBenedetto0101 DiBenedetto0022 DiBenedetto0120 DiBenedetto0114

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