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Hey everyone!  I'm trying to get back in the habit of blogging more - I used to be so good about it, but I have been slacking with non-photo posts lately and I want to change that.  We have so many fun things going on here behind the scenes, I'm going to try and share more often.  So, today - our new gallery site.  We are so beyond excited to introduce all of you to our new proofing/gallery system.  It is gorgeous and I'm in love.  The graphics are bold, modern, clean and so easy to use.  I'm going to take you through it here and if you want a sneak peek of the main page on your own - just click here.

When you hit the main page - this is what you see:
The main page shows all the galleries that are available for viewing.  Generally, wedding galleries are available for 3 months once they are posted and the same with engagement sessions.  If you need more time for whatever reason, just drop me a line and I can reinstate it for you, but generally that is the timing you will be dealing with for your gallery.  Portraits sessions are generally available for 1 month.

After entering your super secret password :), you are in the gallery and the cover will be on the screen.  I'm using Allison & JP's wedding as my example today.

If you scroll down, the photos will fill your screen and you will be able to see everything very clearly without a lot of digging.  If your gallery has multiple 'folders,' those will be listed along the top of the screen and you can easily click within the smaller galleries.  Weddings, for example, have multiple categories - Getting ready, Ceremony, Portraits, Reception and the best one, Favorites! pixieset4

If you'd like to purchase a print or digital file, or share your favorite photo, simply click the photo and this screen will come up, showing your options at the top. Super simple!  Enjoy looking through your photos everyone!

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