Wedding: Melissa + Jason | The Bond Ballroom, Harford, CT

Have you seen Melissa & Jason's engagement session?  If not, definitely take a look.  It is one of my favorite sessions...ever.  Even if we did have to reschedule it about 4x (true story).  So, after that, I knew I was going to have a great time photographing them at their wedding.  No matter the weather, or some traffic, or whatever could happen - I knew they would dance the night away! And, I was right!   A great couple plus one awesome back-up location (good job Melissa!!) and a few umbrellas later, they are married and we couldn't be more excited for them.  Hope you had a great trip guys!!  Enjoy a few of my favorites.

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Just to give this photo a bit of context - I was outside the doors to the church and the reflection was amazing - so I blocked a tiny part of it to I could see Melissa and Jason and then let the rest of the reflection show through. I loved the combination of the stained glass and the trees outside the doors.
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