Engagement: Kate + Erik | Saugerties Lighthouse, Hudson Valley, New York

Do you guys have that list?  That list of all the places you mean to go to and check out locally, but instead, on your days off, you either are 1) on vacation, 2) cleaning/shopping/family events, or 3) vegetating - and the cool local stuff gets pushed to the back of the list, right?  Maybe its just me, but I've really been trying to explore my local area - the Hudson Valley and CT have TONS of cool spots and we have been making a real effort to vacation locally for a change.  Anyway, I have Kate to thank for getting me to the Saugerties Lighthouse, which has been on my list forever!  And, it is just as adorable and cool as I thought (except, I also found out that the lighthouse is also a B&B, how neat is that?!).  I also got to go back to my roots and trek through the wetland to get to the lighthouse (that would be me that wants to take photos in the golden hour portion of the day, when the tide was a bit higher...); Kate and Erik were great and I cannot wait for their wedding in a few weeks!!

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