Wedding: Athina + Rob | Saltwater Farm Vineyard, Stonington, Connecticut

I can never say enough about weddings at Saltwater Farm Vineyard.  They are always so perfect.  Athina & Rob's wedding was no different - gorgeous weather, amazing ceremony site, fun bridal party and crazy, crazy party!!  Perfect combo.  We had such a great time hanging out with these guys (and enjoyed the non-freezing weather), and I'm so happy to post some photos for them today.  This is the super busy time of year for us, so I'm sorry for the lack of blog updates, but I have a ton coming!

Thanks for a great, great day guys and we wish you all the happiness in the world!  Enjoy your upcoming honeymoon!!

(also, thanks for a stellar wedding vendor team, including Gourmet Galley and Elements florals!)


Love this image! A98A7427

Guys found someone to help them make perfect knots... A98A7637 A98A7357 A98A7474 A98A7555

Love this first look. A98A7754

One of my favorite photographs I've ever taken. So gorgeous Athina. And, the dress is perfection.
A98A8025 A98A8056 A98A8178 IMG_6610 A98A8239 IMG_6636 A98A8224 A98A8674 A98A8542
Love this angle. Always the best light. A98A8949 A98A9054
IMG_7279 IMG_7308 A98A9211 A98A9235 A98A9339 A98A0354 IMG_7730 A98A0391 IMG_8160 A98A9271 A98A9878 A98A9965 A98A1054 A98A0533 A98A1446 A98A1403

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