Wedding: Anna + Jimmy | Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estate | Middletown, CT

I was so excited to shoot Anna & Jimmy's wedding at Wadsworth Mansion because 1) they are a great couple, and 2) randomly, I had never been there before!  Gorgeous mansion, long driveway, lots of cool woods, open patio...all my favorites.  But, it turned out that the weather didn't hear my fantasies of cool, wooded backlit photographs and gorgeous open vistas, and had a bit of a different plan for us and well, challenge accepted!  We had planned for a first look and just a few photos before the ceremony, instead we managed to fit a ton of photos in before the ceremony and missed the rain!  So awesome because the grounds are so gorgeous there, it would be a shame not to have any photos using them.  The mansion also has plenty of gorgeous scenery that is rain-appropriate (especially when I have Tim there to cover our gear while we shoot outside!), so we made use of that afterwards too!  Lots of fun and a great day that even included a secret (to the groom!) flash mob...enjoy a sneak peek guys!

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So, sometimes, guys getting ready looks like this... IMG_8805 A98A4800 A98A4938
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