Wedding: Carrie + Steve | Sunset Ballroom, Point Pleasant, New Jersey

What an awesome day this was.  I love shooting at the beach and Carrie and I had big plans to hit the beach, Spring Lake and the dock behind the venue for their photos - yes!  We had gorgeous weather and a fun crew and it was nothing less than perfect.  Well, except for when the limo bus got into a car accident, or I mean, 2 car accidents.  Ha!  Wedding 'imperfections' always make the best stories (like this one where they had to wait for the cops to arrive in order to give their statement!), and since our timeline was so good, we still managed to hit up all those spots for photos and get to them to their cocktail hour, BAM!

Thanks for the best time guys!  There are so many great photos, this is just a sampling of my favorites.

A98A3708 A98A3620 IMG_3085 A98A3896 IMG_3341 A98A3925 IMG_3400 A98A4238 A98A4384 A98A4404 A98A4710 A98A4440 IMG_3691 IMG_3983 A98A5043 A98A4953 A98A5760 A98A5955 A98A6027 A98A6008

Great example of Tim and I shooting at the same time. First his, then mine. IMG_4662 A98A3483 A98A6287
A98A6395 A98A6419 A98A6455 A98A6428 A98A6534 A98A6576 A98A6815 A98A6750 A98A6838 A98A6959 A98A6978 A98A7290 A98A7936 A98A8203 A98A7671

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