Wedding: Katie + Jerry | Locust Grove, Poughkeepsie, New York

Well, you all know by now that we have a soft spot for Locust Grove (we were married there!) and a 2nd spot for Lola's Cafe (they catered our wedding too!), so when I heard that Katie & Jerry were getting married with the same (and they love science!), I knew we would be a great match.  The weather has been so weird the past few seasons, especially in the fall, so I know not to count on the forecast and that things are not usually what they seem.  Morning of, it was raining - we had made a back-up plan to run over to the Poughkeepsie Train Station to grab some cool shots.  At the last second, Katie decided that it was too complicated and that we could make due at Locust Grove (which is a VERY good spot to be getting married when it is raining).  Happily, I obliged and grabbed the umbrellas.  But, then the funniest thing - things cleared up.  The ground stayed a bit wet for awhile so I didn't have them lay in the grass or anything, but we were able to shoot all over the grounds and even get the million dollar view of the valley and Hudson River.  It always works out that having a good attitude about everything, especially things out of your control like the weather, can help a complex day of planning work out smoothly.  Indoor ceremony, outdoor photos, happy couple, happy photographers!  You guys rock!

A98A0784 IMG_8588 IMG_8427
A98A0596 A98A0771

Love love love this first look photo. A98A0865 IMG_8983 A98A1621 A98A1370 A98A1082 A98A1263 A98A1277 A98A1241 A98A0971 A98A1698 A98A2381

Love this Tim! IMG_9817 A98A2574 A98A2739
A98A2650 A98A2795 A98A2819 A98A2976 IMG_0196 A98A3150 A98A3118 A98A2434 A98A2421 A98A4861 A98A4642

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