Engagement: Alyssa + Fred | Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City

I just love being back shooting.  Even in the rain. I had plans to meet up with Alyssa and Fred at Gantry Park (such a cool spot), but on my way in, it was really dark and starting to rain.  I almost turned around because there is no cover at the park at all, but since everyone already had the day off of work, we decided to make a go of it.  And, if you can believe it, as I pulled up, my darksky app told me that we would have a solid hour rain-free!  What??  It was still cold, and sort of damp and dark, but it was not raining and that was good enough. One dog, a cute couple, and an awesome hat later, we were golden and the proof is below.  LOVE these shots. Can't wait to shoot more of these two this fall!

Alvarez0164 Alvarez0158
Alvarez0172 Alvarez0145 Alvarez0113 Alvarez0072 Alvarez0115 Alvarez0150 Alvarez0014 Alvarez0045 Alvarez0076 Alvarez0063

(little UPLIFT history - I shot another engagement session here a few years ago, and we walked over to 5Pointz for some more images (scroll to the bottom of the post).  5Pointz has since been demolished (so sad), but pretty crazy and amazing to have captured some images there.)

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