Out of the Office....

Until the end of the week...because, we'll be in Ireland! We are beyond excited! It will be our first trip there and I'm sure I will have at least a few pictures to post when I get back. Since we'll be traveling around, I'm not exactly sure how reliable my internet access will be, so if you send me an email this week, it might take me a day or two extra to get back to you.

Be prepared for lots of images when I get back - we are psyched for what I know will be a wonderful wedding on Memorial Day weekend, plus lots of engagements and other fun shoots! Since a post is boring without a picture and in honor of our trip, here is a snapshot of one of our favorite kids eyeing my mother-in-law's famous Irish soda bread on St. Patrick's Day.


Had to post this one too :)


Have a great week everyone!

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