Holiday Updates!

Good morning! Just popping in to give a quick update. My office is insane right now - filled to the brim with albums and prints and packages. Orders are going out every day! I am a bit behind on my inbox, but everyone who has emailed me will get a response by the end of the week (if you don't, it probably means that I never got your message, so please re-send if you don't mind!).

I also have quite a few blog posts that will be going up this week and weekend - another awesome engagement session and beautiful wedding (wait until you see the bride's style!!). After this week, I will be winding down a bit for the season and taking some time off to be with my family for the holidays. I will still be answering emails and posting on the blog, but it will be less frequent until the middle of January or so. So, if you don't hear from me, you will, please just be patient with me :) - if it is an emergency (newborn shoots, important question, etc.), please just say so in the subject line of the email so I get right back to you.

And, because posts without pictures are useless, here is a pic of Sophie checking out Santa at the O'Connell holiday party.


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  1. She is not sure about this big bearded man! haha cute!!!