Integrating Pinterest into my (and your) life...

So, the last thing I need is another website to follow, item to check, thing to do...but then there is Pinterest. All signs lead to it being perfect for procrastination and never actually using it - but, I love it. I love the instant inspiration and ability to categorize and I love that people are pinning Uplift photos to their wedding inspiration boards, so awesome. I think of it like one giant online magazine, where you can rip out the pages you want to keep and throw away the ads and other pages that just clutter up your house. But, if I am going to keep spending time there, I want to make sure that I'm actually using it! So today, I'm going to post a few of things that I have made, or bought, or been inspired by, through pinterest (mostly iphone pics, so don't judge :)! I'd love to see/hear what you guys have made too!! If anyone has photos of any projects/recipes, I would love to do a post about it - send me some photos (Mercedes, you know I'm looking at you!)

So, this necklace is one of the first things I pinned -- I was in love with it, went out and bought the supplies right away and then let it sit through the holiday rush. Well, I finally made it for my friend (for our holiday gift exchange) and she loved it! It was pretty easy and I think it came out really nice. The hardest part was braiding the separate strands and getting it to stay at the right angle.

photo (5)

I took inspiration from this Halloween costume for Sophie's costume! I love the way it came out, not exactly the same, but you can see the feather pieces underneath her 'wings'.

I have made a few pinterest-inspired recipes. The first one isn't inspired, I just copied it :). Perfect for Valentine's day and so, so easy. The second was modified from this recipe for red velvet cookies (I made mine with nutella and they.were.awesome). I made these for Valentine's day and for Soph's birthday party.
photo (9)

The last two things are ones that I bought! Love this lovely-chevron,-but-on-the-cheap side rug to liven up my upstairs office - adds a bit of trend to the room at a not-so-high price point. Please don't look at the oddly painted-and-wallpaper walls from the previous owner :). And, I now couldn't live without this ipad cabinet mount for the kitchen. It is awesome. Tim got it for me for Valentine's day and it makes cooking in the kitchen (using internet recipes) so easy (sorry for the ugly photo - we haven't gotten to the kitchen yet!!). Thanks pinterest!!
photo (11)

If you are on pinterest or facebook, follow me here and here :). I'd love to follow you back! Hopefully our new website (hint, hint) will have social media integration and it will be super easy to find us and share ideas.

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