Monday Updates

I thought I would start a new weekly series on the blog - Monday Updates - what do you think? I think I need a better name - any suggestions? I read a lot of blogs that have weekly posts on Fridays, but Friday is already awesome, maybe we need something for the worst day of the week? I love to catch up on my blog reading on Monday and I'm always getting my weekly plans together, reviewing photos from the week before, etc., so -- a post about the week before, the upcoming week and everything else in between. Sound ok?

So, for this Monday...last week was a big week. St. Patrick's Day is a big deal in itself around here - you have to realize that this is a seriously important holiday in the O'Connell household (yes, the name O'Connell = serious St. Paddy's day celebrations). Check out Sophie in this photo with her cousins - she would not smile, she refused. Flat out. Too funny.

But then...My brother-in-law (Tim's bro) also got engaged!!! So, so, so exciting. Here's a shot of the ring that I grabbed yesterday...

The weather was also incredible and I'm lining up a lot of shoots for the next few weeks. Wedding season starts for me in April this year and kicks into high gear very quickly!

A good friend of mine just had a baby this week, and I happened to grab a few shots of her last week - the day before her due date(!). I think she looks absolutely amazing. I shot another awesome maternity session last week and will be doing a full post of those photos probably tomorrow!

And...check out this gorgeous portrait of Gina + Franco that I'm dropping off for Danielle @ Every Little Detail Wedding & Event Planning. She just opened a new shop for her wedding planning business and this will be on display. I love these wrap prints - they sort of an updated version of a canvas gallery wrap. Both are really pretty, but I like how this gives some depth away from the wall - really cool. Although I'm pretty sure Gina and Franco would look awesome in any type of print :). Danielle did a great job at their wedding and I'm really excited to see how she has set up the shop.

Have a great week everyone!! Hope you have a chance to enjoy this gorgeous weather :).


  1. How about calling it "Your Uplifting Start to the Week"??? go on, tell me im awesome! Either way, I think it's a great idea, and much better on a Monday than a Friday.
    Love the pic of Sophie, especially with the camouflage pants :)

  2. Love Love Love the prints!!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to put them in our boutique you are such a talented photographer and can't wait to work with you again