Monday Updates! (Holiday Super-size Edition!!)

Hey everyone!!!  How are you guys? Sorry I missed Monday updates yesterday - was a holiday and I was shooting a wedding :). But, I'm back today with a super-sized edition and I think its pretty awesome.

First up - busy, busy, busy wedding time of year!!! Here are a few sneak peeks :) (awesome locations right!?) IMG_9604



The third photo up there is Casey + Connor's wedding (they are so cute, I love the laughing!) - we shot that yesterday at West Point and Tim proudly wore the red, white and blue on his tie :). It was a great day to be shooting at West Point - can't wait to show you guys their photos! (by the way, I know the black and white photo doesn't help you see the tie...but I liked it that way and I provided the tie close-up as well!) tim

In other unrelated news, Sophie and I checked out the farmer's market in Westport last week - it was awesome(!) - tons of organic, reasonably-priced vegetables, lots of fun to-go food, and free toddler yoga. Hilarious - here is Soph learning some moves (she is on the bottom). So funny and cute. Also, if you have a minute, check out this recent article regarding pesticides/organic food and babies - I discovered it recently and I think it has a lot of really good and interesting information. yoga

We also stopped at this ridiculous new home & garden type store - Terrain.  Turns out, it is what dreams are made of.  At least my dreams anyway. The inside was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Tons of specimen plants, succulents, crazy awesome furniture, re-purposed barn wood everything...just wow. Definitely check it out if you are into that sort of thing. terrain

We also stopped and took a few photos together. photogroup

And, if you didn't have enough Sophie for today - check out this video :). We are pretty slow to work on our own personal family photos and home videos (you guys come first!). Tim put this video together of a day trip that we took the day after a wedding last year (or over a year ago!) and I love it. I love what we do so much - photos are just too important not to have them - watching this, I can't believe how fast the time goes. Sophie was not even one yet!!


  1. What a great video - Soph is so small!!! And toddler yoga, wow! Loving these weekly updates Jade :)

  2. Love this-- especially Sophie and toddler yoga!!!

    Also, Terrain looks AMAZING!