Monday Updates!

What's up everybody?  Good weekend?  Average weekend?  Hopefully better than average :).  This past week was my crazy week of engagement sessions!  I had another scheduled for today as well, but it got rained out. 

The other day I met up with Nadia and Tom down in the city....really early.  Well, pretty early.  We toughed it out :) and had the best light and minimal crowds - score!  Aren't they so cute? IMG_1642

I got there a bit early and shot some instagram photos that I love -- so neat to see Meatpacking with no people! photototal (the one with the people was taken out my car window on my way home, while I was turning...probably not the safest idea). 

Remember last week when I was asking for some gardening tips? Well, I didn't realize that Megan is super knowledgeable in this area (she runs a farm!!), so she helped me out while I was shooting their session..and she gave me some awesome tomato plants (heirlooms, don't be jealous people) too! Love this photo of them. IMG_0032

This photo was from another session that I shot at West Point.  It's fun for me to find new spots to shoot within places I've been many times before. Lots of fun getting new ideas. These guys are graduating and getting married in the same week!! Weliver0083

We ate on our deck for the first time this summer this weekend - some friends came over and it was so nice to be outside! I made these for dessert and they were ridiculously easy and so good. cookies (if you are going to make these, I made a few changes - swapped 1/4 cup butter for an egg, and added fresh blackberries to the top of the jam before adding the crumbs).

Tonight I'm making this broccoli soup - the name doesn't sound super appetizing or exciting, and its from a crazy cleanse diet, but is really good for you and we like it! I add a bit of cheese to it to pump it up a tiny bit, but otherwise, its great. The salad dressing recipe is awesome too.

Ok, that's all for now! Oh, except this new favorite photo of sophie and I that I took with my iphone :) photosmall

Have a great week!

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