Engagement: Andrea + Dan | Rye Town Park, Rye, NY

Well, we started out this session with Andrea and Dan wanting some photos on the beach.  Since they live in California, our timing for the session was limited and the closest 'beach' to them in New Jersey was something in Westchester.  So, we picked the Rye Town Park - we got there and...the beach was closed.  As in locked.  All entrances.  And that was probably because,... it was about to pour.  Double whammy :).  I had checked the weather and it looked not so terrible (you know, the typical 20-30% chance, etc. etc.), but today was the day that the forecasters were right!  We got about a half hour before it came down, but these guys were awesome!  We found some nooks and crannies to hang out in, ran through the raindrops (I love how you can see some rain on Andrea's sweater in some photos) and then waited it out until some gorgeous sun peeked through!  Something a little different and I love it.  Thanks for an awesome time guys and can't wait to see you this weekend!!

Pallante0090 Pallante0068 Pallante0023 IMG_9294 Pallante0024 IMG_9410_bw IMG_9455 Pallante0096 Pallante0104 Pallante0073 Pallante0105 IMG_9878

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