Monday Updates!

Hey all!  How are ya today?  Things are good around here, not too much going on as we are in hardcore work mode right now.  I'm sleeping, dreaming, eating, drinking weddings right now.  Shooting, editing, organizing, admiring :), blogging, FB'ing photos  I love it.  It is beyond fun to see all the planning and details you all have been working on and take the photos for you to remember it all by!  Tim and I had a great wedding weekend with Ashley & Garrit and then Andrea & Dan yesterday. 

Love this photo from Ashley & Garrit's wedding at Elizabeth Park (a gorgeous, gorgeous spot!).  Probably my favorite first look photo ever! 

And, look who I found there!  So fun to catch up (Happy almost 1st anniversary guys!).  Sorry if I look a bit crazy in this pic - it was sweltering on Friday and this was towards the end of the night after we had sweated, cooled off, re-sweated, etc. for about 9 hours :). IMG_0573

And, we dodged the rain all weekend!!!  Can you believe it?  It was a downpour here on Saturday and I thought Sunday was going to be a wash too (Andrea got herself a great matching umbrella and boots, which of course, meant that it wouldn't rain...), but we had a few drops and then all clear! 

Tim is going to love these photos from yesterday where he was helping me test some lighting.  I'm guessing this is one of the downfalls of working with your spouse, ha, but, definitely a positive from my point of view.  He is going to start combing through and posting funny pics of me in his blog posts, I better keep my eye out.

That lighting test resulted in this photo, which I love.


Let's see - one household triumph this week! All Tim.  We finally have silverware and an organized drawer.  I know it sounds nuts and I should have taken a before pic, but, our drawer was insane.  Filled with toothpicks and chopsticks, and pens, and skewers, and random cooking gadgets (I love to cook and we love gadgets).  It was a wreck.  Plus, add to it that our silverware was down to about 3 forks and 4 spoons and 2 knives - so anytime you wanted to use a fork, it was probably in the dishwasher or hidden under 23 wooden skewers that stabbed you while you hunted for it. 

Cue my mom: she bought us some new silverware for our anniversary (thanks mom!) and then Tim stepped up and took charge!  I think he was proud of himself too :)  (I'm sure you guys are enthralled by our drawer organizing - tell the truth.  Whoever has been here can is probably happy about it...)

photo (20)

We are also currently obsessed with the Olympics.  Is everyone else?  Are we alone here?  We are absolutely glued to NBC watching sports we only have an interest in every four years :).  We sit here discussing fouls and which is the best swimming lane, who has attitude and how difficult it must be to do that pommel horse (fun fact:  Tim was on track to be an Olympian in Taekwondo!  Crazy, right?  He got an injury that didn't allow for it in the end, but he has years of fun stories, medals, photos, and battlescars). 

It is a bit nostalgic too - the last Olympics were only a few days after Sophie was born and we watched it pretty much 24 hours straight sitting on the couch (olympics = perfect newborn programming since its on 24/7).  She was only a few days old here in this pic and already an experienced 5-rings watcher (those are Bode Miller's feet, by the way). 

And, sometime the other day,  our FB page hit 500 likes!  Very fun.  Thanks for tuning in - I love showing all of our new photos!  If you'd like to see the updates and are not connected, just click here!

Have a great week everyone!!

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  1. Silverware drawer=amazing
    Pic of Tim testing lighting=amazing