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[note, I wrote this earlier today and just got finished uploading the video for posting!]

Good morning!  Everyone holding up ok from all that vacationing last week?  I know it was you posting photos of drinks on the beach, sunsets, waves, etc.  I'm not going to point anyone out, but I saw those FB updates :).  Back to work today!  Yesterday almost felt like a hint of fall and I'm super excited! 

So, what's up today?  I've been shooting a lot of engagements, which I love.  Here is a quick sneak peek of Alyssa & Rich's pics (mentioned them last week in Monday Updates).  I love this shot - it just feels like summer.  More to come later Alyssa!). IMG_9608_smalllogo

Today is also the 2nd wedding anniversary of one of my most favorite couples, Emily and Simon!!!  Congratulations guys!  Tim and I have become great friends with them since we shot their wedding two years ago, and last year (for their 1st anniversary), Tim made them this slideshow as a small anniversary gift.  I thought I would post it today...hope you guys are celebrating!  Wish you lived closer :(.

Emily+Simon from Jade O'Connell on Vimeo.

In other news...I started going to Zumba last week! Do any of you guys go? Don't laugh!  I have been meaning to get my butt to the gym more than once a month, but between everything and Sophster, its really difficult to find a time that I have enough energy to drag myself over there. But, at Jessica & Brian's wedding last month, Jess danced to a Zumba song and it looked so fun! So, I dragged myself and it is pretty fun and a great workout. Hopefully I can keep it the meantime, here is a fun photo of Jess working it at her wedding, haha. (you didn't think I would be posting a pic of me zumba-ing, right? I think I look absolutely insane). IMG_1963

I announced on FB last week that I was thinking of holding a day of 'mini-sessions' for fall - I've had a lot of inquiries regarding family, couple, dogs, etc for fall photos (for holiday cards or just a few updated photos), so I thought maybe a day of mini-sessions would suit a lot of needs.  These sessions would only be 30 minutes long and you would have to sign up and get a timeslot at a certain location (I'm thinking a local park). The amount of time and photos delivered will be much different than my normal portrait sessions, so if you are interested, drop me a line and we can figure out what is right for you.  I'm going to formally announce this on the blog asap with all the necessary details - just wanted to give you guys a heads up!

If you want to laugh, here is a pic of what Tim got Sophie in the toy store yesterday.  She is a bit under the weather and usually screams her head off at the doctor - we took her the other day and she was excellent.  Tim was really proud of her for being so tough, so he took her to the toy store to get a little present.  So, she requested a pirate toy? Yeah, we didn't even know she knew what a pirate was, but she proceeded to tell us about buried treasure, rrrrr, and ships.  Definitely not too girly!  She has such a funny and great personality, she loves to be outside, loves sports and bugs and rocks.  Just love it.  But, leave it to dad to get a giant pirate toy SET.  He said the small Pirates of the Caribbean toy was lame.

And, alas, we have come to the end of today's post.  But, don't despair!  Further afternoon reading :)
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  1. Thanks for the shout-out. And thanks again for the AWESOME video Tim! :)