Monday Updates!

It is Monday, but doesn't really feel like it, does it? Almost everyone I know (and seemingly, everyone on Facebook) is on vacation!

With the photography business, we usually have an opposite work-vacation type schedule to most. We do sneak away a few weekends in the summer because we have to get our New England summer fix, but we tend to slow down (or at least have less actual shoots) in the winter - think December, January. I can't believe that the summer is almost over and we are headed into the super busy fall season. This has been a great summer - with awesome weddings, and fun weekends off too - and I'm gearing up for what is going to be a busy and exciting fall. I'm already dreaming of pumpkins, and apples, and sweaters, but I am going to try to drag myself and all of our toddler gear to the beach at least one more time (you'll see - insane amounts of sand toys and towels and wipes and drinks are necessary for a successful toddler beach day, and also the copious amounts of sand on the way back, don't forget that).

Here is a glimpse into our wedding-less weekend - we decided to spend it at home... WIR (diner time, tim's new obsession, one of my favorite soups, hanging out on the deck, tried this new cookie recipe [they were awesome, didn't do slice and bake, just baked them as if they were regular cookies).

I shot an engagement session at 8am yesterday - pretty refreshing to shoot that early. I usually schedule sessions for the later afternoon because I'm addicted to the golden light that time of day, but the morning was pretty nice!  A sunrise shoot should be next!  Who's up for that?

Amanda and Jon were total troopers - getting so close together so early in the morning :). ha.  Loving this hammock shot. IMG_8729 IMG_8595

And, today just happens to be the first wedding anniversary of one of my awesome couples from last year - Yay Mike and Marcy! Happy Anniversary guys!

Oops! I meant to finish this post before I left for a shoot today, but I just couldn't squeeze it in (over-estimating how much I can do in a day?  that never happens :).   I met up with Alyssa and Rich this afternoon at a really cool park (entrance is hard to find and it seems sort of like a hidden treaure) - look for them on the blog in a few days :).  Alyssa is one of the cute bridesmaids in this photo (top right!) at Michelle & Jay's wedding a few weeks ago.  Their wedding will be a lot of fun since we'll already know people :)!

Ok, I'm done now!  Goodnight!

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