Wedding: Karen + James | The Grandview, Poughkeepsie, NY

Good morning everyone!  Today I have some wedding images to show you from a very fun and funny couple, Karen and James.  These two have such a great chemistry - they laugh a lot, and are never serious for too long and therefore (and of course!), we get along great!  I had to stop laughing sometimes to make sure my photos were in focus :).  To refresh your memory, I shot their engagement session last October, right after the freak snowstorm that knocked out power, etc.  It didn't bother them at all and I knew that their Grandview wedding was going to be a fun time. Think bobbleheads, dance-offs (with music provided by DJ Bri Swatek!), lots of laughs, great families and lots of love.  Karen and James - we were honored to document your wedding memories, hope you love these!

IMG_8667 IMG_8670 IMG_9068 IMG_8682

Come on, the kid cuteness continues! IMG_0616 IMG_8884

Loving these family pics (ps. the left photo in the next set has Karen and her two gma's engagement rings - how amazing is that? and also note that it also makes me wish I had sisters!) IMG_0611 IMG_8624 IMG_9315 IMG_9375 IMG_9701 IMG_9569

Love the wide view of this one. IMG_9801 IMG_1622

Love this one! IMG_0027 IMG_0105 IMG_0253 IMG_2080 IMG_0289 IMG_0399 IMG_1967 IMG_0315 IMG_2120 IMG_0562

How cool is that sign on the right? It has some important 'relationship' dates and says on the bottom, 'what a difference a day makes!' - such a thoughtful gift! IMG_0665 IMG_0715

Love this one Tim! IMG_2305 IMG_2312 IMG_1782a IMG_2936_small


  1. Fantastic images from a fantastic wedding! Thanks Jade and Tim. Congratulations Karen and James! -- DJ Bri Swatek, Spinning with Style

  2. Jade and Tim thank you so much for capturing how much fun our wedding was...we wanted to get the feeling we had that day by looking back at our photos and the both of you did just that. We can't thank you enough!!! And Brian you are the reason we had so much fun!!! Thank you again for all of you help!!! xoxo We are so happy with everything!!