Engagement: Brittany + Aaron | Essex, CT

Ok, two things for this Friday.  Or three.  First is, this weather is killing me today.  Cancelled engagement session (last year, I had one engagement session that we rescheduled 4x for weather!  Hi Melissa!). 

But, on a brighter note, since it is Friday and since their wedding is next week (!!!), I am so excited to post Brittany and Aaron's engagement photos today.  I had the best time with them and we had the most beautiful sunset I've seen in awhile.  Essex is just the cutest little town and I can't wait to head back there for the wedding.  Happy Friday everyone!  I'm crossing my fingers for some sun :).

The photo on the left is probably my favorite pic I've ever taken with a dog! I just love it. Riggio0012 Riggio0079 Riggio0047 Riggio0081 Riggio0009 Riggio0033
Riggio0016 Riggio0104 Riggio0168 Riggio0125 Riggio0156 Riggio0183 Riggio0135 Riggio0166 Riggio0172
love this. Riggio0177

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