Wedding: Laren + Adam | Private Residence, Hadlyme, CT

Ok, so its Day 3 of Wedding Week and today, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. If you are still planning your wedding, and still trying to zero in on that perfect fall date - you know, the one where its not too cold yet, but has good leaf color - the one that everyone covets?  Well, today, I'm giving it away.  Pick the 3rd weekend in October!!!  Just do it!  Forget the Farmer's Almanac or your Aunt Betty, just listen here :).  The third weekend is just always the most gorgeous weekend for leaves.  Proof is in this post!  Rain, snow, sun, and even in the almost darkness - it doesn't matter.

With that tip out in the open, I will introduce you to Laren and Adam.  Laren's parents spent months preparing their property to host this wedding and it was perfect.  Gorgeous.  Lovely.  Spectacular.  It was the quintessential New England Fall wedding (with the gorgeous florals done by Elements!!) and we couldn't have been happier to be a part of it.  Tim and I drooled over their backyard forest that was free of weeds and full of colorful leaves :).  Laren and Adam were so happy to be with each other, and it was obvious.  I love a day like that.  They knew it, the guests knew it and the photos show it.  Laren and Adam - thank you for sharing your day with us and I hope you love love love the preview! 

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