Wedding: Meghan + Stefan | Manhattanville College + Westchester Hilton

Ok, these photos are awesome.  I'm just going to come out and say it.  Meghan said that her and Stefan and their friends would bring it...and they brought it.  Such a fun day!  It was a bit windy but all the ladies took it like champions and we rocked out the photos on the Manhattanville Campus before the sun went down.  I'm not sure how, but we also managed to squeeze in a 5-minute stop to The Capitol Theatre and it was totally worth it!  I'm going to stop talking now and just get to the photos! 

A98A3832 A98A3808 IMG_1042 A98A3722 A98A4032

Something blue sewn into Meg's dress :) A98A4103
Love this photo. I always post a photo of the bride walking down or the groom watching, but I thought this photo was more than that. They only see each other here and I love it. A98A4356
I think all churches should have a glitter background :) A98A4662 IMG_1355bw A98A4387 A98A4738 A98A4765
Told you they were fun!  If I have to pick a favorite, I gotta go with the third one on the top row.  Amazing control!
A98A5090 A98A5303 A98A5486 A98A5443 A98A5464 A98A5639 A98A5622 A98A5656 A98A5799 A98A5723 A98A5838
[I just want to add in a quick note here - I plan to do a post on some of my favorite vendors soon, but I just wanted to quickly add that Turntable Events was the DJ for this wedding (and also this wedding!) and they throw an amazing party - seriously, if you are looking for a hip, fun DJ that gets everyone dancing without being cheesy, save yourself the headache and book them]
A98A6133 A98A6588 A98A6611 A98A5929
This photo makes me laugh. A98A7742
And,...I couldn't decide which to post, so up they go! Love em both. A98A7809a A98A7823

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