Portrait: Gianna

Meet Gianna! I shot these photos when she was about a week old, a perfect time for a newborn session. I love to shoot newborns, even more so now that I am a parent - the few days after they are born is so fleeting, it is amazing to capture it. I know everyone says that (believe me, everyone that randomly talks to me in the grocery store tells me how fast they grow :), but, now I see that it is actually true). I look back at Soph's newborn photos all the time and can't believe how big she has gotten (or the fact that she says "noooo" and "yeah" and "yoooo").

Tim and I were really looking forward to meeting Gianna - her parents are friends of ours and we are just so happy and excited for them. Plus, we just shot Amelia's maternity session, so the excitement was building :). Sophie couldn't come to meet her just yet, but Gianna get ready! Soph is super excited to hang out and hug you (she is really friendly :)! Enjoy & Happy Monday!

Love these, so sweet.


I love love this one, also Tim's favorite.

With mom.





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