Monday Updates!

So, I'm still working on a better name for this weekly post - thinking about, "Uplifting Mondays" (thanks Simon!!), but worried that it might sound somewhat religious in an internet search? Nothing wrong with that, but not exactly what this blog is about :). Anyways, still working on that - suggestions welcome!

This week was a bit of a blur of beautiful weather, getting Tim ready for his trip, and still recovering from the week before. Wedding season is coming up fast and I'm working on preparing for that and the debut of our new website (!!!) - so excited about that! Following that, some blog changes will also be on the horizon (including, [yes!], a better way to comment!).

So, Tim was in the Bahamas last week - he is planning to do a whole post on it (he has some amazing photos), but I thought I would sneak one of his photos in here. Check it out! How is it that I'm in Connecticut while he is in the Bahamas? Right? You can also follow his travels (or, tweets?) on twitter - if you are into that :).

I discovered instagram this week - where have I been? Obviously, I love it. I try to carry my 'real' camera everywhere, but sometimes, even I get tired of that. Instagram is an awesome alternative for fun-in the moment-whoa, I saw something cool-type photos. Here are a few from my life this week:

You can check out my feed if you like, @upliftjade, I think you just need to send me a request because I have mine set to private (just due to the sheer amount of sophie photos).

I'm thinking about making this pallet garden from Pinterest (follow me if you are there too!). What do you think? We have a serious animal presence at our house and I love all the wildlife (we have tons of deer, woodchucks, and raccoons, fox and even saw a coyote!), but it is really annoying when they eat all your herbs, flowers and vegetables. What if I put this on a table? I saw some pallets on the side of the road just down the street...


I'm looking for a few new blog reads - any suggestions? I like artsy, controversial, interesting, quirky, fun links, DIY, decor-related, etc. In exchange for the info, I have one for you guys - check out Seek to be Merry - quick reads on interesting topics with lots of fun links (my fav, another web troller :).

Today, I'll leave you with a sweet photo from a small winter wedding that I shot a few weeks ago (I think it was the only day of snow this winter!)

Happy Monday guys! I'm trying to make it a good one over here!

ps. two bits that I've been loving this week (here and here)

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