Engagement: Katie + Mike | Muscoot Farm, Somers, New York

I can't promote engagement sessions enough - there is nothing better to prepare you for your wedding day photos.  It makes the wedding run smoother, we already know each other, you will be so (SO!) much more relaxed, all with the bonus that you'll have some cool photos to show for it.  I know it can be difficult to plan due to all the schedules involved and limited time off work and weather and etc, etc, etc., but sometimes you should just trust the opinion of the professional you hired (me!).  And I say, do it!  Unless there is some crazy reason you don't want to do one, do an engagement session.  Trust me, you won't regret it - its easy and fun, I swear. 

Katie and Mike are super relaxed, which I love, and as predicted, we had a fun and easy time hanging out at Muscoot Farm.  I will admit that the atmosphere was a bit louder than I remember from the last time I was there (maybe the animals were having some kind of spring fever?), but it didn't seem to bother Katie and Mike at all :).  Here are a few of my favorites, and more to come from their wedding very soon!

Quinn0012a Quinn0097 Quinn0056
Quinn0029 Quinn0036 Quinn0004a Quinn0043 Quinn0021 A98A2187

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